Cloverleaf mall is the only mall in the small town of Paxon, with only 2,495 residents. The mall is the place to be in this small town. And In one week almost every single person in the town of Paxon disappeared. The cause? No one knows but the cloverleaf mall has something to do with it. Whenever someone tries to investigate the mall they are never to be seen again. Something evil is in that mall, but question is what.

Name: Raven Doyle
Age: 21
FC: Diana Argon
Why are they here: Working
Bio: Raven is snobby, whiny, and mean. The only reason why she was at the mall was because she had to. Her dad (mom died, she never knew her) made her get a job and live on her own since she was 21 unemployed and did not go to college. So she took a full time job at subway. She was just about to be fired from her job when Amber Rose attacked. The reason why she was sparred Raven doesn’t know, but in some way she likes Amber Rose for saving her and feels a connection. Whenever Amber Rose comes around Raven tries to talk to her and ask why she was saved from all the other people. What no one knows, not even Raven is that she is the daughter of Amber Rose.